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Battledress RAOC - British 2nd Division op naam R. Smith

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Originele Battledress op naam van Warrant Officer Class II R. Smith van het Royal Army Ordnance Corps in de 2nd British Division.
De battledress is een Canadese productie en dateerde 1943 met maat 7.
De jas verkeert in goed gebruikte conditie, de onderste mouw knoop ontbreekt en de andere is iets los. Twee kleine gaatjes op de mouw, verder is de jas in goede staat.
Mooie originele battledress op naam.

France and Belgium 1940.
In September 1939, shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, it once again became part of a British Expeditionary Force (BEF) sent to fight alongside the French Army. 
In May 1940, the BEF, including the 2nd Infantry Division, was driven from France during the retreat to Dunkirk, where the division was evacuated to England, with few casualties but losing almost all its equipment. During the retreat, two members of the division were awarded the Victoria Cross: Second Lieutenant Richard Annand of the 2nd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry and Company Sergeant Major George Gristock of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment. They were the first two of three to be awarded to members of the division throughout the war

India and Burma
The 2nd Infantry Division was re-equipped in Britain and soon brought up to strength in numbers, although, like most of the British Army after Dunkirk, pitifully short of equipment. The division was stationed in Yorkshire, serving again under I Corps control and in training to repel the expected German invasion, codenamed Operation Sea Lion.

In December 1941, Japan entered the war. After British and Commonwealth forces in the Far East suffered disastrous defeats in late 1941 and early 1942, the division was sent to India, which was threatened by Japanese advances and internal disorder. For some time, the division was involved in internal security operations and training for amphibious operations. In late October 1942 the 6th Infantry Brigade was temporarily detached from the division and reorganised as an independent brigade group, complete with its own supporting units, and served in the failed Arakan Campaign, rejoining the rest of the division in India in June 1943.

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